Design Projects

Discover how each project tells a unique story, revealing my unwavering dedication to turning visions into captivating visual realities.

Shalina Healthcare

Shalina Healthcare is a market leader in making quality healthcare products affordable and available across Africa.

They achieve this by sourcing from WHO-approved production facilities in India and China and focusing on first-class distribution expertise.

……many other works not shown

Ecosystem Incubator

The Ecosystem Incubator is brought to you by Rachel Sheila Kan of Circular Earth.

They collaborate with micro players in a sustainable fashion that come together to work as one in the current economy of scale to build towards the economy for the future.

Videos designed for their social media platforms.

The Hat Culture

Discover the epitome of headwear elegance with The Hat Culture brand. They redefine style with their curated collection of authentic, exclusive hats and caps.

They elevate their customer’s fashion game and make statements that are unique. Step into a world of head-turning headgear.

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