Part of our Digital Futures continous training. We met at the venue 7th of February 2023. Organised by Roxane and Abrar.

Below was the summary written in my group work.


This is such a fascinating play of Touch, Surroundings, and Sound. Our team found the displays very enchanting and modernistic with a hint of the minimalistic style of design while looking very techy. The different show of animated 3D textures and robotic moving tongues, and sound rooms are mesmerizing.

This Simple way of displaying will appeal to almost all marketing type of businesses. Like Retail shop displays………. Modern, Futuristic, and Engaging.

The Technique is almost theatrical. Looking at the arrangements of some of the art pieces on display. 

The feel of almost a Scandinavian monochrome arrangement. Like the Ikea of the future. The use of interactive Display Ad signs set on the wall. Visual Interactive Pads on most sides of the wall explaining individual art pieces is very informative and engaging and advanced.

Yinka Ilori

Shows us his inspiration based on the 70’s nostalgic era in Nigeria which has inspired his works. I loved the display of the old DRUM magazine’s, The Fela Albums.

That 70’s way has played into his designs and the display of the Nigerian colourful Fabric called ‘Ankara’ can be seen in his chair furnishing style.

Very colourful and Fun to look at.

Treasure Found

The height of my visit was stumbling on an album cover artwork done by my mother (Mamuli Okotie-Eboh) for Fela’s studio album ‘Open & Close’ which was part of pieces that inspired Yinka Ilori’s artwork styles.

Imagine my Joy seeing this piece of art history.

Yep! My Proud Moment.

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