It’s enjoyable using photoshop as I can manipulate and make my creative dreams come true using this software. There is a lot I still need to learn about photoshop and I am hoping that my studies at UCA will update and polish up my skills.

Adobe Photoshop 2023 landing page
Images done in Photoshop

I used Photoshop to put together images and montages to be used for the InDesign image creative arrangements for the Research folder, Mini Market Report, and the Promotional video evidence write-up.

The sketches were done in class in my notebook. The idea of making the video edgy, and fun with lots of visual colour came to my head. I had to put this down and visually show it on the storyboard visuals.

Storyboard sketches & Visuals

I spent a minimum of 2 hours working on the images selected. Cleaning, cropping, resizing, sharpening and making them bright and saving them to the right format to be exported into Premiere Pro.

Working on the video was fun. It was a chance to apply a mixed medium of video and still images. I record my coursemates and my train journey for the video. This all done on my phone. Thank God for mobile phones. Making life simple and easy since being invented.

Assignment done on Premiere Pro

Applying sound effects is very important to me. As it inspires how you wish the movement of your video should be. This will set the mood for the promotional video. Edgy, fun, and Gen Z style.

Hopefully this will be pleasing and come out well when presented.

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