Blade Runner days are coming.

Yes! You read right. DIGITAL FUTURES. We now are delving into the Sci-Fi realms of things. This course is taught to us by a very soft-spoken, articulate lecturer called Roxane. (Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light) in the voice of Sting (The Police, 1987). Do not mind me, just playing. 🙂

The Police, 1987

This is going to be a very interesting and progressive semester as I have always been fascinated by futuristic ideas and innovations and learning what is behind the ideas, techniques, and concepts for things like NFTs, the Metaverse, Bitcoins, The Blockchain movement, and many more.

Figure 1
Figure 4

The Digital futures course will be on for the next 4 weeks and we have started on some Photoshop tutorials. I must say there is excitement around my coursemates as I have seen a lot of engagements concerning this selected topic.

Donna A3 Test

Well, let the fun and games begin. To infinity and beyond.


Figure 1. The Fabricant. (2023) Wholeland.

Figure 2. The NFT Gallery. (2022) BRING YOUR NFT TO LIFE.

Figure 3. Moon Pay Limited. (2022) Crypto just got easy.

Figure 4. Hotel, R. (2023) The 1st Green Metropolis in the Sandbox.

Figure 5. Jana, R. (2022) The Metaverse Could Radically Reshape Fashion.

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