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During our EAP lectures. Abrar our lecturer has been enlightening us about how we should reflect in our blogs during the duration of this course. The digital futures course is very exciting. And it was nice to see that everyone in my IIPM class selected quite a diverse range of companies trying to target the Gen Z demographic in their own way. I selected Shoezone and I know I have selected a company not really focused on Gen Z.

For our essay writing, we are to come up with a 2000-word essay for the below topics.

  1. Using your chosen brand discuss what techniques this brand is currently using in promotion and retail. How could they use emerging technology (e.g., VR and AR) to effectively engage with Gen-Z?
  2. Referring to your brand and one other. Discuss some of the opportunities for Digital Fashion or the Metaverse. For both the consumer and retailer. 
  3. Discuss two examples of brands successfully engaging with digital retail or promotion.

I will be going with the 3rd Topic as I feel Shoezone will not offer me the tech findings I would love to write about.


We had a workshop in class and my group selected the third essay writing topic. We had to scribble our research, finding, and reflection on the selected brand. Their relationship with tech and how they target Gen Z. What New tech they are using and how it’s working for them.

EAP class workshop image

Can’t lie, I had fun with this, and putting down my findings and research both in words and sketches and doodling made the research very interesting. The information gathered made me realise I will probably change my mind from the actual essay writing original topic I selected to the 3rd topic.

Well! Let’s see how it goes.


Figure 1. Public Health Nigeria. (2023) Essay writing strategies basic tips for a first rate academic paper.

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